Resound offers advisory to assist with the development of business structure, planning and growth strategy. Generally these are taken as board seats alongside our investments. We also accept board seat positions through Boardsi. Other advisory, consulting, investor relations or board positions are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

We do make accredited investor introductions for entrepreneurs of start-ups. Our private RSC investment group numbers in the thousands and includes our own funds, private investors, and family offices. If you would like us to make your project available to our group, please make an inquiry and select “need capital.” If you need email introductions, mention that in the comment field. We will send a reply email explaining our requirement for your start-up’s profile prior to any engagement.

We do not take any fees for these introductions unless the entrepreneur engages us specifically to raise capital for them. In this case we would create an SEC-compliant fund and bring our investors in. However, the entrepreneur is responsible for providing extensive supporting documentation during our due diligence period before any funds can be deployed.