Do you possess any Ethereum (ETH) or USDC or WBTC in your crypto wallet? Would you be interested in using it to provide liquidity for existing swapping demand on Uniswap (a crypto exchange)? This would make you a liquidity partner.

It’s a known fact that crypto is volatile, and consequently buying and selling happens a lot. This is why the decentralized exchanges need liquidity pools to make the transaction possible, providing exchange fees to the pool for use of the liquidity.

In turn, liquidity partners can make 3-9% per month depending on the liquidity pool by staking Ethereum. Our producers make pairings of two cryptocurrency tokens and harvest ETH exchange fees from liquidity pool investing exchanges. Uniswap is just one example. They offer .3% in exchange fees per contract, and if the contracts are re-balanced and executed many times over every seven days, ETH liquidity partners receive a very consistent payout.

Liquidity pools are less risky than directly swapping cryptocurrency tokens. Exchange fees provide more stability and consistency regardless of market volatility. We use a Fireblocks wallet security system with CoinCover theft protection.

If you are new to cryptocurrency, and you are frustrated with the volatility, and have not yet participated in DeFi liquidity pools, but have wanted to, please allow us to introduce you.

This is available to US Citizens, and we have three vehicles through which you can participate in, just make an inquiry.