Data Centers: a great investment. The Global Big Data market reached a value of US $76B in 2022 and is expected to reach US$400 Billion by 2030 (

The fact is, our world economy needs data centers with racks of chipset units to process our world’s consumption.

Here’s an innovative idea:

We offer Chipset Units (CUs) that you purchase and then RENT to Data Centers. The Data Centers will use your CU for big data processing, artificial intelligence (hot!), game rendering and Web3 blockchain projects that will generate monthly usage fees; what we call “rent.”

The CUs sell for $9800-12000 and have consistently produced net rents ranging between $425-808 per month for the last eight months. All CU components are insured for seven years and come with a 24-month money-back guarantee to de-risk any CU purchase or rental concerns.


  • A seven year, 3.5x potential—on a hardware purchase!
  • Full 24-month money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with rental performance
  • Seven-year insurance on all CU components to ensure uptime and usage
  • Purchase with wire, credit card or USDC (crypto) transfer
  • A dashboard to log-in and monitor your purchase and rental stream
  • Recover your costs quickly by extending your rental term to total seven years
  • The Data Center doesn’t have to use their capital to purchase Chipset Units if they can rent them from you

You do not have to be an accredited investor to buy a Chipset Unit. You can buy your Chipset Units with a USD wire from your bank or from a crypto transfer of USDC. We pay out in USDC.

Beat the recession with a passive, recurring income stream from a Chipset Unit or two, or twenty, or even 200! We have not come close to quenching the need for more Chipset Units.

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