Data Centers: a great investment. The IDC predicts the amount of data in the world will increase 530% from 33 zetabytes to 175 ZB by 2025. The fact is, our world economy needs data centers with rows and racks of chipsets to process our world’s consumption.

We have a unique opportunity that we built pulling together racks of chipsets, data center facilities, and the clients from Big Data, Medical, Streaming, Energy, Blockchain and Metaverse who need the extra computational support.

Our model is simple.

1) We sell you chipset units comprising of four chip boards, extra hardware, software and maintenance for $9000-13,000 each depending on volume

2) We supply the tenants

3) We pay you $500 per month each in rent.

4) We warranty the chipsets for seven years, and you enjoy collecting a passive income from leasing your property to us.

5) There is a dashboard for your reporting convenience and we even offer a satisfaction guarantee.

This is a great way to save. Your bank pays out .1%. Stock investing can be too volatile. Housing market is too expensive. You do not have to be an accredited investor to buy a chip set unit. You can buy your chip set units with a USD wire from your bank or from a crypto transfer of USDC. We pay out in USDC.

Beat the recession with a passive, recurring income stream from a chipset unit or two, or twenty, or even 200! We have not come close to quenching the need for more chipset units.