New to crypto or an experienced vet? If you’ve been in crypto longer than a year you may already be frustrated with the volatility of your Ethereum (ETH), USDC or Bitcoin (BTC).

How would you like to increase your holdings by winning whether the market moves up or down?

We’ve taken a five year approach to technical analysis of charts and we displayour predictions unabashedly on trading view. Once we post on trading view, analysts cannot change their predictions. We are please to see our predictions often land within .5% of ETH or BTC peaks and valleys. This gives us an edge to trade contracts.

Most people don’t know how to trade crypto contracts, nor do they have the financial background or passion for watching the screen play out the most ideal position scenarios.

We’ve created a partnership through a US Company to a Canadian company that trades on several leverage trading exchanges including Binance. We set our stop losses so that generally no more than 1% of capital is at risk in a trade.

If you are new to cryptocurrency, and want someone to trade for you, and you are frustrated with the volatility of the trading markets, but have wanted to explore an investment with a direct trader, please allow us to introduce you to Viaquant Partners.

This is available to US Citizens and others worldwide, just make an inquiry.